IWIP Seminars

Immunology Work In Progress Seminars

The Immunology Work In Progress (IWIP) seminar series is a forum for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to share their ongoing research with other members of the immunology community, including students and fellows as well as faculty.  IWIP seminars are informal presentations meant to encourage discussion and facilitate interactions between immunologists from diverse fields ranging from infectious disease, tumor immunology, transplant immunology, rheumatology and many others.

To be added to the mailing list or to the schedule of presenters please contact the organizers:

Darin Wiesner (Postdoctoral Fellow Klein Lab) – dlwiesner@pediatrics.wisc.edu

Zach Morrow (CMB graduate student Sauer Lab) – ztmorrow@wisc.edu

IWIP seminars takes place in room 2301 MSB every Tuesday at Noon during the academic year.

Date Presenter Position Lab
11/5 Dr. Darin Wiesner Postdoctoral Fellow Klein Lab
11/12 Courtney McDougal Graduate Student Sauer Lab
11/19 Dr. Laurel Hind Postdoctoral Fellow Huttenlocher Lab
11/26 Skip for Thanksgiving Break
12/3 Niki Bharadwaj Graduate Student Gumperz Lab
12/10 Dr. Brock Bakke Scientist Suresh Lab
12/17 Winter Break
12/24 Winter Break
12/31 Winter Break
1/7 Winter Break
1/14 Winter Break
1/21 Lanie Kohn/Hanna Dobson Research Scientists Klein Lab
1/28 Dr. Chris Zahmn Postdoctoral Fellow McNeel Lab
2/4 Dr. Nick Hess Postdoctoral Fellow Gumperz Lab
2/11 Woojong Lee Graduate Student Suresh Lab
2/18 John Kernien Graduate Student Nett Lab
2/25 Lauren Nettenstrom Certified Cytometrist Flow Cytometry Core
3/3 Dr. Ruth Houseright Graduate Student Huttenlocher Lab
3/10 Zach Morrow Graduate Student Sauer Lab
3/17 Spring Break
4/14 Steve John and Gretchen Seim Graduate Students Fan Lab
4/21 TBD
4/28 Aisha Magaert Graduate Student Shelef Lab
5/5 Summer Break