David Beebe, PhD

Position title: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and Biomedical Engineering

Email: djbeebe@wisc.edu

Department:      Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Biomedical Engineering

Immunology Focus area:  Functional assessment of immune response; in vitro models of immune response in cancer

Descriptive Title of Research:   Modeling complex biological interactions in vitro

Research Description:Our goal is a holistic approach to understanding cell behavior that integrates in vitro cellular scale engineering to recapitulate important in vivo microenvironmental characteristics in ways that provide biological insights, aid in diagnosis/treatment and enhance discovery. Our particular interests include cancer biology, microbial communities, but our work has broad potential application across cell biology.

Link to Publicationshttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/myncbi/david.beebe.1/bibliography/43111365/public/?sort=date&direction=ascending

Graduate Program Affiliations: Biomedical Engineering

Lab Website: http://mmb.bme.wisc.edu