Samuel H. Gellman, PhD

Position title: Chemistry


Department: Chemistry                   

Immunology Focus area:  Manipulation of polypeptide recognition by T cells; targeted induction of tolerance                     

Descriptive Title of Research:  Organic chemistry, chemical biology, peptide and protein chemistry         

Research Description: Current topics include:  the design of new oligomers with well-defined folding properties (“foldamers”), and their use for antimicrobial applications, for inhibition of protein-protein interactions, for modulation of GPCR-mediated signaling and for other biomedical applications; the origins of protein conformational preferences; new amphiphiles for membrane protein solubilization and crystallization; synthesis and applications of poly-beta-peptides (nylon-3 materials).

Graduate Program Affiliations: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics

Lab Website: