Doug McNeel, MD, PhD

Position title: Medicine


Department: Medicine (section of Hematology/Oncology)

Immunology Focus area: Tumor Immunology

Descriptive Title of Research: Mechanisms of action and resistance to DNA vaccines as treatment for human prostate cancer

Research Description:

Our lab focuses on tumor immunology, and specifically prostate tumor immunology, with a long-range goal of identifying immune-based therapies as a treatment for prostate cancer.  This work includes both basic immunology research, understanding the mechanisms of action and resistance to T-cell activating approaches targeting tumors in murine models, and clinical/translational research, using patient-derived samples to understand effective anti-tumor immunity resulting from treatment.  Over the last 15 years, we have sought to identify immunologically recognized prostate-associated proteins as potential tumor antigens.  Current work is prioritizing three of these proteins (prostatic acid phosphatase, androgen receptor, and SSX-2) as targets for anti-tumor vaccines, evaluating vaccine approaches targeting these antigens in rodent models, and translating these findings to early phase human clinical trials.  We have specifically focused on genetic vaccines, DNA vaccines, with research aimed at understanding their mechanism of action and mechanisms of tumor resistance to immunization.

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Graduate Program Affiliations:  Cancer Biology, CMB, MDTP

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