Jeniel Nett, MD, PhD

Position title: Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Immunology


Department: Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Immunology

Immunology Focus area:  Host-pathogen interactions

Descriptive Title of Research:  Innate Immune response to fungal and biofilm infections

Research Description:Our research is focused on defining mechanisms of immune evasion by fungi and identifying avenues to circumvent these processes. We have discovered several impaired immune responses to Candida.  Using model organism Candida albicans, we have found that formation of a biofilm allows the pathogen to withstand host defenses. Neutrophils are unable to effectively kill the resilient communities. In addition, investigations of the host response to C. auris have revealed an impaired phagocytic response to this emerging, multi-drug resistant Candida spp. Our goal is to uncover pathways that reveal novel strategies for antifungal and immune-modulating therapeutics.

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Graduate Program Affiliations: Microbiology Doctoral Training Program, Cellular and Molecular Pathology

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