Sarah Panzer, MD

Position title: Medicine



Department: Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology                                                         

Immunology Focus area: Transplant Immunology, glomerulonephritis, B cells                        

Descriptive Title of Research: Preventing failure of kidney transplants: identifying novel immunologic mechanisms through translational research               

Research Description:

Our research group focuses on the study of immune-mediated kidney injury and chronic antibody mediated rejection through translational research. We know chronic rejection is a major cause of graft loss, carries a poor prognosis, and has few effective treatments. Our research group performs basic and clinical research to better understand the immune mechanisms of antibody mediated rejection. We utilize an animal model of kidney transplant rejection and are currently investigating this in a B cell deficient rat strain. The clinical relevance of the immune mechanisms of our basic research projects are being assessed in transplant patients with biopsy-confirmed chronic rejection. The overall objective of this research is to define the immunologic processes that contribute to graft loss and to characterize these processes for diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic strategies.

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