Matt Reynolds, PhD

Position title: Pathobiological Sciences


Department: Pathobiological Sciences

Immunology Focus area:  Infectious disease immunology, Tumor immunology

Descriptive Title of Research: Targeting immune responses against self to fight AIDS viruses and cancer

Research Description:My laboratory integrates aspects of immunology, virology, molecular biology, and genomics to combat important human and veterinary diseases. In particular, our research interests are centered around understanding how adaptive immune responses against self-antigens can be harnessed to fight AIDS viruses and cancer. These interests are explored in distinct but interrelated areas:

  1. Determining whether alloreactive immune responses can prevent or eliminate immunodeficiency virus infections.
  2. Associating the size of immunodeficiency virus latent reservoirs with post-treatment viral rebound.
  3. Identifying tumor neoantigens for developing personalized cancer vaccines.
  4. Developing a platform for isolating monoclonal antibodies from nonhuman primates.

Overall our goal is to identify novel approaches for attacking infected or diseased cells that contributes to the development of new therapies.

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Graduate Program Affiliations: CBMS, MDTP

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